What is the Pokemon Sapphire all about?

Pokemon Sapphire Screenshot 2017

With the help of Pokemon Sapphire, you will be taken on a journey through the land of Hoenn. Obviously, your quest has to be to become the supreme of the Pokemon master through trading, baffling and collection.

The game has updated graphics with amazing sound along with weather effects. With more than 100 new species there are 200 varieties of the same. The title has a lot in common with the previous versions of Pokemon which are the gold, silver, and crystal. The option is with you on whether you want to be a boy or girl. The main aim of the game is to beat the gym trainers and go on to become the master. If you have been part of the previous versions, you are bound to be right at home. In hindsight, it is not the same also.

What Exactly is New in Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

The main change in the area of the battles itself. So two minions can fight for you at the same time, and this means you can tag team against your enemy by taking advantage of the strength of your minions while hiding the weakness.

Say, for example, if the need arises, you can attack with more than one minion. For the matter of fact, even if you are starting with the pokeworld this promises instant action. In the heart, there is an RPG, which means if you want to stay away from the computer you can choose to do it. On the other hand, if you are in love with RPG’s this works out to be the perfect title for you. The sound is much better than the earlier set of games and it lifts the game and you can hear it with ease.

In terms of gameplay, it does not change much in terms to the earlier versions. From the overhead perspective, the main character goes on to control the game. Like the previous versions, the main objective is to catch all the Pokemons in the game and then go on to defeat the elite 4. The gameplay of Sapphire and Ruby is linear, the sequence of events that go on to occur in a mixed order. Apart from the main target of beating the Gym trainers, there are side quests as well. In this regard, a player can add NPC’s by fulfilling a host of tasks. You can also check sapphirerom.com if you are looking for more differences between titles.

Worth to play?

It is just like the original Poke red and blue, and here you can consider Sapphire along with Ruby to be almost identical. The title screens along with the box covers are a lot different and each version goes on to have one unique characteristic, which is not there in the other version. But this in no way means that one version is better than the other as both of them are identical. Only the true Pokemons lover should go and fancy getting the both. One idea would be to convince your buddy to go and get an opposite version of sorts.